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Changing Phase: Extras

Further Practices (Part II):
Changing between Steps and Taps

1. Different Counts
In the basic exercise, you step onto your right leg on the count of one. Try the same practice, stepping onto your left leg on count one (you'll have to change your preparation too). It may seem no different, but you're programming yourself mentally to be more flexible.

For the same reasons, practice "tap–step–tap–step–" so that your steps occur on the even beats instead. Mastering all four possible variations will give you the flexibility to change phase at any point during a musical phrase.

2. Walking Practice
Next you can try the practice using forward steps, resulting in forward walks; and backward steps for a backward walk - just like the exercise in Extras: Lower Body Action.

Further Practices (Part III):
Changing phase within a music framework

1. Changing phase on other beats
Try changing phase by tapping on beat one, once per bar of music. Then practice phase changing on beat two, then beat three until you have the full set.

2. Walking Practice
Perform a merengue walk, changing phase at random to music.


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